Yesterday Dollar a Day launched. It’s a giving program that let’s you sign up for a $30 a month gift that is distributed across 30 nonprofits.

Each nonprofit gets $1 from each person giving to Dollar a Day, right now that means each nonprofit is getting $478. Funds are collected and distributed by Network for Good. The way Network for Good works, is the donor actually gives to Network for Good (itself a nonprofit) and Network for Good “grants” nonprofits funds based on what donors give.

This means monthly distribution of funds via a check in the mail. You can speed that up a bit by signing up for EFT, but it’s still a once monthly distribution.

Normally when someone gives via Network for Good, you can access that donor information, but in this case you aren’t getting any donor data, just the funds.

So should you suggest yourself to get on this possibly viral gravy train? Well it couldn’t hurt, but make sure your qualify. From their FAQ:

All nonprofits must be US-registered 501©(3) organizations that operate exclusively for charitable purposes. We exclude nonprofits that support a particular religion, government, or political party.

The “support a particular” is a bit murky. World Vision is a Christian organization, but they help any one, would they qualify? Looking at the list of upcoming organizations, I would but them more to the progressive side of the political spectrum than conservative.

Also without donor data, the value is just the one time boon to your bank account.

The nonprofit of the day is featured in an email to all donors. In fact you don’t even have to donate to subscribe. It’s not clear how much say nonprofits have over how they are featured in that daily email, but that’s their one chance to grab the attention of this audience to try to acquire some folks as constituents.

My read is it can’t hurt to apply and see what happens, the form is short. You could also use this as a social call to action. Since anyone can suggest a nonprofit you could ask your social audience to suggest you are added. My guess is that multiple entries for the same nonprofit will up your chances.

Still not sure how you would use this? Drop me a line and we can figure it out.