I recently had a conversation about Detroit. I know it’s very hipster to say good things about Detroit, but I had a great time there last summer. Far from a city guide, here were my favorite places in the city.

Mercury Buger Bar

So nice we ate here twice.Amazing burgers, great beer selection. And if you are going paleo they will but your meat in a bowl. Outdoor seating in the summer is also quite nice.

Grand Trunk Pub

My cousin took me here for my very first meal in Detroit. I have returned many times. Absolutely amazing beer selection. I had Bourbon County Stout on tap there, amazing.

The Whisky Parlor

Proud to say we were there for opening night. I had my first Japanese scotch. Unfortunately it was after a few other ones so I don’t recall the name.

Bucharest Grill

Cheap big shawarma in a no nonsense bar. If you want a bunch of perfectly grilled meat and a Detroit Brewing lager this is your place.


I got my watch there. I think it’s important for a man to have a watch that will be passed down to his kids. It’s not Swiss or gold, but it is special.

City Market Detroit

Sorry for the Facebook link, but their website is down. This place was a lifesaver, a great grocery store in walking distance of downtown. I spent most of my time in the beer isle where I was able to get Great Lakes Christmas in January, which is just unheard of. I also picked up a bottle of Two James, Grass Widow Bourbon. It’s still mostly corn, but higher than usually rye make this a winner.

So apparently all I did in Detroit was eat and drink whiskey. Rest assured it was outside of the hours of the event I was there for. If you know what I mean, you know what I mean.