Five minutes after I knew I was going to be leaving A Brave New, I sent Nanno at Webconnex a message, asking if they had any openings.

Thank goodness they never removed me from Slack!

By the end of the week I had an offer. Webconnex, in many ways, saved our family in a really tough spot. And they never stopped showing up. I can’t say enough about how amazing everyone is. It is the best culture of any place I’ve worked. And I don’t expect any place to live up to its legacy.

I am excited to be moving on to WordPress VIP, but I wanted to take some time to plug Webconnex’s awesome products. The people are great, but the software is just ridiculous.

I know we are in Pandemic times, but if you run events you can’t find a more cost-effective, flexible, customizable solution. If you are using EventBrite you could be saving $10,000 a year or more with Webconnnex.

But, Jacob, I need virtual events. No problem. The current virtual event system will get you started, but take it from me, in the next month they are going to blow that way with a brand new offering. Think zoom, but in the browser. No zoom bombing, full control, moderation and chat. And that’s just the beginning. This was my last project and it’s something the team can be super proud of.

And behind all this amazing software it the best support team — ever. They are so good Webconnex doesn’t even call them support, they call them solutions. Having trouble on a Saturday? Brandon will call you and walk you through updating your app. Feeling stressed from your event? Maci will put together a care package that will take your mind off everything.

Seriously, their satisfaction ratings are off the charts. If you have a problem with the software I guarantee that the human on the other end of the chat will make it their problem until it’s fixed or you have a workaround.

I didn’t even talk about online giving for nonprofits, or reserved seating, or time-slot ticketing. Or the ability to add your own custom logic to hide/show form fields, adjust pricing, basically whatever you need.

If you need ticketing, event registration, or online giving you need to take a look at Webconnex. If you aren’t dialing (888) 958-3729 right now, then email me and I’ll convince you.

I didn’t say it enough when I worked there, because some part of me felt like it was wrong to promote my own company. But you heard it here folks, Webconnex is the best. PERIOD.