Out of Europe

Out of Europe

First listen to “An Explosion of Inclusivity” - With Brennan Lee Mulligan. Three Black Halflings is an excellent podcast, and this is a great episode.

There is a long discussion of the Eurocentric nature of official and community D&D material. After listening to the podcast I realized the homebrewed world I created was completely Eurocentric.

I could create any world I wanted to and I completely eliminated Asia, Oceania, the Americas, and had one area that was like “North Africa” but was a “backwater.” Yikes and double yikes. I’m being transparent about my myopia so that others can as well.

I also wanted to do some work and research to be able to create material inspired by the myth and tradition of the rest of the world. My goal is to be able to faithfully populate my world with people, places, ideas, stories, and objects that belong. My goal is not to create “exotic” artifacts to show up in Eurocentric settings.

All content is licensed under the Open Gaming License so you are free to use it in accordance with that license.

I’m a white dude, I will get stuff wrong. Please at me liberally. I’m dealing with mythologies and cultures that are not my own, and I can’t hope to fully understand. But I don’t think that should stop me from trying.

Before looking at anything I’m doing you should catch up on some content made by people with more connection to the places and people I’m just learning about:

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